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We Are Handy Meta Girls

10,000 women joined together to spread knowledge and experiences!


Handy Meta Girls Details

We are artists. We are visionaries. We are here to bring Handy Meta Girls to planet earth. Our latest collection is born from unique avatars that have been living rent-free in our imagination and are ready to make their jump to the screen. Handy Meta Girls are interested in the construction industry, the connection of ordinary life with the metaverse. Find them on the blockchain and discover your favorite characters. Scroll through our site, pick your NFT and connect your wallet for a valuable and safe purchase.

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Our Founder: Maria

Our amazing founder who is building the Handy Meta Girls has been working all her life to establish herself within the space. She is from Ukraine and has spent several years of her life in the USA and as of now is living in Slovakia with her family making sure Handy Meta Girls are amazing! 



A sneak peak at where we’re heading


Phase 1: Contest of Whitelist

We will be giving away 1 WL spot every day via tweet on Twitter. The contest will run for up to 90 days which means a total of 90 WL spot will be given away


Phase 2: Miss Handy

We will conduct a contest of the most funniest women in her profession. Members can submit their entry on Handy Meta Girls website. We will announce 20 winners of the funniest photo and it will be judged fairly by the team and the community.

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Phase 3: Handy Meta Girls Game

We are developing a fashion dress-up game before the mint. This game is free-to-play for everyone and can use their cryptocurrency to buy upgrades, accessories and etc. But our NFT holders will receive various benefits such as special in-game rewards and bonuses.


Phase 7: Launch of E-shop

The launch of 10,000 Handy Meta Girls NFT to whitelisted members and to the public.

Phase 5: Contest for the Best Clothes Design

Members in the community can create or suggest new clothing designs for our Handy Meta Girls NFT. The best suggestions will be rewarded

Phase 6: Creation of Handy Meta Girls 2.0

Based on the community's suggestions, we will create a 500 special edition of our NFT called Handy Meta Girls 2.0. The first 400 will be airdropped to those who suggested the designs. While the remaining 100 will be used for giveaways and for future partnerships.


Phase 7: Launch of E-shop


Phase 8: Introduction to Metaverse

Members of the community will be able to purchase items related to Handy Meta Girls via E-shop that we will launch.

Handy Meta Girls NFT are prepared to be used in the metaverse.

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Helpful information

What’s an NFT?

An NFT is a “non-fungible token” which is just a complicated way of saying it’s a unique digital item that people can buy, own and trade. Think of it as a digital collectible. A lot of NFTs are just cool pieces of digital art, but some have extra utility like exclusive access to websites, communities, or other perks.


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